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Cruising on with Jason and Elizabeth: Welcome to Alaska

In today's podcast, Jason and I got together to catch one another up on our respective lives (or sh*tshows) and discuss our favorite episodes from the past several months. We find this kind of "reckoning" with one another to be an important part of the podcast and hope you enjoy our banter as much as we enjoyed the conversation! Jason just got back from a fabulous cruise to Alaska with his entire family, and while I initially broke out in hives just thinking about such a trip, I was quickly educated on how delightful these kinds of family outings can be, even with our complicated lives.

I spoke about some of the difficulties I've been facing as a caregiver, and since the recording of the show, I can add "rat infestation" to the list, but I have to say that there's comfort in the sharing of one's vulnerability and challenges and that our growing community is nothing but a source of support, strength and resilience. We both agreed that the show continues to be an exciting community that we are proud to have created and honored to be hosts -- we have some amazing guests lined up (more dudes, more siblings, some doctors and authors), so please tune in!


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