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At the end of each podcast we ask three specific questions of our guests. We've found that these questions generally lead to the most amazing answers and resources, so we're collecting them here. Let us know if you have any!



What book do you recommend most or has been your touchstone as a caregiver?

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This is Water by David Foster
my heart can't even believe it.jpg
ghost boy book.jpg
now I see the moon book.jpg
it's okay to be different.jpg
Hillary Book.jpg
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enabling acts.jpg
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< $100.00 Purchases

What purchase less than $100 have you made that's improved your life as a caregiver or the life of your child?

suggested by Elizabeth Aquino for older kids that have grown out of baby bibs

Hip Bibs

Recommended by Jason Ryman

Stroller Wheels
musical toy globe.jpg

Recommended by Michelle Wolf

Musical Toy Globe

Recommended by Jason Lehmbeck to help caregivers sleep at night

LectroFan White Noise Machine

Recommended by Laura Hatcher


Recommended by Traci Nagy

Ice-Packs for
Overnight Feedings

Recommended by Elena Hung to go on adventures with your child 

Umbrella Strollers

Recommended by Ellen Seidman


Recommended by Hillary Smiley

iPad Drool Protector

Recommended by Natalie Weaver

Hammock Chair

Recommended by Jeneva Stone

Echo Dot and Amazon Music

Who has inspired you the most on your journey as a caregiver?

Inspirational People and Organizations

Elizabeth Aquinos' pick

Jean Vanier
Founder of L'Arche Communities

Natalie Weaver's pick

My daughter Sophia
Heather Jackson.jpg

Bonni Goldstein's Pick

Heather Barnes Jackson, Director of Realm of Caring

Elizabeth Aquinos' pick

Jean Vanier
Founder of L'Arche Communities
Jimmy Lin.jpeg

Jeneva Burroughs Stone's pick


Bonni Goldstein's Pick


Jason Lehmbeck's pick for the grace Yliud brought to Noah and our family

Yliud Hernandez
Magical caregiver for baby Noah
lanterman act.jpg

Michelle Wolf's pick

"We're Here to Speak for Justice" A documentary about the founding of the Lanterman Act

Elizabeth Aquino's pick for what the great osteopath taught her about disability and what it means to be healed

Viola Frymann, D.O. and Sophie
ComplexChild Logo size.jpg

Traci Nagy's pick

Susan Agrawal, founder of Complex Child e-Magazine
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