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Tricks and Treats Coming Up


We imagine this post finds you scurrying around making Halloween costumes for your children -- elaborate ones, we hope, squeezed in between your regular caregiving stuff? Or perhaps you might be more like me, Elizabeth, who could never pull myself together to make anything remotely hand-made but spent an inordinate amount of money that I didn't have buying costumes and then handing them down to the next child? The above photo makes me laugh every year. It's titled The Grumpy Bunny and the Exploding Dragon. My third child was not yet on the scene but appeared some years later in the same costume as his brother Henry. Sophie didn't take to being a bunny but she looks mildly amused as a ladybug, doesn't she? Either that or she's angled herself away from The Brothers -- for good reason.

Anyway, it's almost trick or treat time, and in keeping with the season we have some treats in store for you!

Do you remember that November is National Family Caregivers Month? We will be launching this auspicious month with our favorite Caregiver Comedienne, Sandra Stein. We hope you'll tune in to the podcast on Thursday, November 1st and hear about NaFaCaMo. We also hope you'll share it with friends and family and other caregivers and professionals who support caregivers so that we can keep building this awesome community.

One thing you can do today is join our Facebook Group. It's a place where we hope people will congregate and tell THEIR stories of caregiving. Each day we hope to see new stories of how caregivers spend their days -- the real thing, no filters. Tell us about your day or days -- the minutia, the stuff that makes you proud or crazy or ecstatic or despair.

Here's a recap:

Join us on Thursday, November 1st for the podcast, featuring Sandra Stein.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! from Who Lives Like This?!

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