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The Balancing Act: Elena Hung and Little Lobbyists

Elena Hung is the President and Co-Founder of Little Lobbyists, a parent-led organization that advocates for children with complex medical needs. Her daughter Xiomara (whose name means "ready for battle") was born with a number of medical issues. Elena, Xiomara, and families like them have been visiting Capitol Hill and speaking with lawmakers and their staffers, talking about what is possible with access to quality, affordable health care, and what is at stake without it.

Elena says, "We are story tellers. We are truth tellers. We are sharing the humanity of children with complex medical needs."

Elena is also one of the national co-chairs of Health Care Voter, and in her day job, she works as an immigration lawyer in Washington, DC.

On today's podcast, we also wonder how Elena "does it all" and does it with so much passion. She speaks openly and honestly about the toll her daughter's complex needs has taken on her and her family and how important it has been for her to take the time to process all her feelings, particularly those that arose during the many emergencies the family experienced in Xiomara's first months. Self-care, preventive counseling and the recognition of PTSD are topics that Elena discusses with openness and honesty.

"Being aware" is so important, Elena says, "and the support groups I've found on Facebook have been essential for me." In a lively discussion, Jason, Elizabeth and Elena agreed that the internet and the support they've found there has been essential to their lives as caregivers.

Elena's balancing act of work, parenting and advocacy also includes a love of dresses with pockets, tater tots and the idea of yoga.

Lightning Round

Purchase < $100:

Self-care/Yoga Classes for emotional support and a cheap Umbrella Stroller for easy excursions out with the family


Most Inspirational Person/Group:

Adults with disabilities, those who are role models for my daughter and who inspire me to keep fighting

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