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Who Lives Like This?!

The Grit and Grace of Caregiving

Who Lives Like This?! is a podcast that tells the stories of caregivers of disabled children and their families. Each podcast covers a specific topic, including education, healthcare, stigma, resources for sanity, humor, survival, doubt, despair, joy -- you get the idea -- and will bring along an audience interested in not just "who lives like that” but how caregivers live like that. The audience will be entertained, provoked and nurtured and come away with an enlarged view of humanity.

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The Story of Our Title

Who Lives Like This?

Elizabeth's younger son, Oliver, was about seven years old when -- after watching his sister seize at the dinner table for perhaps the ten-thousandth time, and while retrieving her cup that had flown out of her hand mid-seizure and rolled under a piece of furniture -- cried out to the universe, "WHO LIVES LIKE THIS?" He was lying flat on the kitchen floor with the handle of the broom, trying to get the cup out. His brother, Henry, and Elizabeth were tending to Sophie who was seizing on the floor. It was, actually, a normal dinner in their house. So, who the f*^k does live like this? "We live like this," Elizabeth told him at the time, "as do many others. And some have it better and many have it worse."

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